I run virtual photography workshops that explore a wide range of topics, from image editing and enhancements to stylising, built to support specifically your creative needs.

Photographers around the world capture their passion within their photos, but it’s not just professionals that do this every day! Millions grab their cameras, phones, and camcorders to snapshot their most treasured moments. However, there’s so much more to photography than meets the eye!

Whether you’re looking to delve into this enchanting career, or you’re simply hoping to improve your skillset, my course delivers the best tips and lessons from photography straight to you.

The Workshop

The workshop lasts for 3 photography-packed hours, involving the editing of outdoor or studio shoots. We’ll start by walking through the process of photo editing, beginning with the RAW files, developing in ACR and finishing our journey in Photoshoot.

Not only this, we’ll discuss how to best prepare for a shoot, stylising and all important lighting and colours.

Workshop participants are set a specific goal for photo creation, and we’ll step you through the process to ensure you that you pick up new and unique skills at every stage. The objective of the workshop is that everyone walks away with a newfound knowledge and experience of professionally developing and editing photos, and can apply this to their everyday photos and future career.


To ensure that the workshop is focused on you, your individual needs and your existing skill levels, I run the workshop as a 1:1 session. This means that you can ask as many questions as you’d like, and we can steer the course in a different direction depending on your interests!

A virtual experience

To keep your costs as low as possible whilst ensuring a great learning experience, our workshops are virtual and can be completed from the comfort of your own home.

For more information please do drop me a message! Please note that currently workshops are only offered in Polish.

Zapraszam na kursy online z edycji w Photoshopie, kurs dostosowany do Twoich potrzeb.

Obejmuje 3 godziny edycji zdjęć plenerowych ( możliwość edycji zdjęcia studyjnego ) online na surowych plikach RAW – od wywołania w ACR plus dalsza edycja w Photoshopie.

Omawiam przygotowanie do sesji wraz z stylizacja, światło, kolorystykę.

Więcej informacji w wiadomości prywatnej.